Affinity is defined as 'a spontaneous or natural liking or harmony with someone or something.' We chose “Affinity” to represent our company because it represents each of us and the unmistakable love, passion, and connection we have for the built environment. Our company is not only a business, but a way of life for each of us. We take great pride in creating the same kinship we have for the built environment with our clients and the community that we are building in and incorporating them as part of the Affinity family.

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Who We Are


Affinity Corporation is a Construction Industry firm founded in 2017 by Katie Denise Goodson and Joshua Allen Goodson and is composed of a professional team of individuals that are passionate about what they do and who they do it with. Affinity Corporation takes part in multiple facets of the built environment with services in Development & Master Planning, Design, and Construction. Construction delivery techniques including Design Build, Construction Management, and General Contracting are available to help ensure each clients' project needs are met. These services are offered to our clients by utilizing the skill sets and resources of our staff and our dedicated partners to build high quality projects that are cost effective and on schedule. We take great pride in finding the most passionate people and building relationships with those individuals to be able to comprise a collaborative, transparent, motivated team that can accomplish any project, no matter the size. The mindset is not to wake up every morning and simply 'go to work' but instead to wake up every morning and have fun doing what we love to do while at the same time providing our clients with dependability and integrity as we help them expand their own visions and passions.


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